Leading Dimensions Profile

For over 100 years, leaders have used the 2x2 grid (as seen on right) to graphically portray how personality characteristics interact to influence a person's general style or approach. Now, a new breed of assessment called the LDP is able to measure two primary motivational factors, Achievement Drive and Relational Drive to help direct people to achieve desired outcomes in areas like:

  • Grid2b-leading-demensions-profile.pngCommunication
  • Negotiation
  • Change management
  • Choice of majors
  • Conflict resolution
  • Increased sales
  • Leadership effectiveness

The LDP offers:

  • Comprehensive science
  • User-friendly reports with easy to read full color graphs and charts. Click here to view a sample report.
  • Price point that places it as a solid Class II instrument with Class I results and science
  • Web-based and cost effective solutions

 Who can use the LDP:

  • Employee or client coaching
  • Sales force development
  • Employment selection
  • HR departments
  • Workshops
  • Leadership training
  • College Administrators
  • Car dealerships

 If you would like to learn more about LDP please click here to download a PDF with more information.