Other LDP Tools

Whether you're a CEO, Executive Director, business owner or an employee, it's imperative that you have the right tools to do your work. A nail is difficult to pound when using a screwdriver. Unfortunately, we often don't stop long enough to determine the right tool for the job. Doug Poll Group utilizes the tools below, and more, to provide focused coaching for companies and individuals and to equip you to maximize your personal and professional goals.

The Leading Dimensions Profile

PersonalStyleReport.pngFor over 100 years, leaders have used the 2x2 grid (as seen on left) to graphically portray how personality characteristics interact to influence a person's general style or approach.  A new breed of assessment called the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) is able to measure two primary motivational factors, Achievement Drive and Relational Drive to help direct people to achieve desired outcomes in areas like communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, sales styles, leadership development, team building, and career direction to name a few. The LDP also reports 10 dimensions of work-related behaviors (like accomplishing goals, taking risks, and helping others).

The LDP is a powerful tool for hiring, leadership development and conflict resolution. A recent study found that call center agents possessing certain LDP dimensions earned more than 50% higher sales than their peers!  

The Organizational Engagement Review-OER

OER.pngUsing the Organizational Engagement Review, we helped one SW Florida company save over $280,000 in one year! The OER allows for employees to anonymously answer questions about things like organizational culture, leader/follower relations, communications, recognition, organizational purpose and more. The Gallup Group has researched this extensively and found that the average U.S. company has about 74% of its employees who are in some form of disengagement! They would take a better job if it came calling, typically don't have a high opinion of their workplace and show up just to get a paycheck. The OER  determines quickly what areas in your company need attention first through red light, yellow light and green light indicators. Click here to view a sample of the OER

The LD:360

LD360.pngWithout a solid leadership team, your company will tread water...staying afloat but constantly struggling. The LD:360 is designed to help assess your leaders from multiple perspectives. A typical review comes from one angle, that of the supervisor. The LD:360 incorporates 5 to 6 people to assess the leader's strengths, growth opportunities and blind spots. They can include supervisors, clients, peers and trusted friends. The LD:360 report includes an action plan to assist the leader in addressing their results for optimal growth. Click here to view a sample of the LD:360. 



Position Profiles

Position_Profile_Sample_Report.jpgDoug Poll Group utilizes the Leading Dimensions Profile to develop a performance standard that is customized to your company. This standard, which we call a Position Profile, is used to compare candidates for hire, or for moving to new position within the company, to assess their compatibility with, and success in, a given position.

According to MSNBC, employers may see as many as100 times more applicants from an online posting than they did in the days of the printed “classified ads”. With a deep talent pool of well-qualified workers, one might think hiring decisions would be easier than ever. They’re not.  And the stakes are high. The cost of replacing talent can easily reach upwards to 200% of their annual salary including benefits (Towers Perrin, Conference Board, Saratoga, Mercer, etc.) With stakes that high, a Position Profile is a valuable tool for making the right decision the first time. Click here to view a sample of the Position Profile