LDP Tools

What Can Doug Poll Group Do For Me?                

Much like our cars, our businesses, organizations, ministries, and lives benefit from regular maintenance.

Occasionally we need a tune-up. We need someone to take a look under the hood, someone with the right tools to diagnose the problems we don't see. Cars perform better and last longer when they have regular maintenance and so do people and organizations.

The Doug Poll Group can help you, your company, organization or ministry in a number of key areas so that you can run efficiently for the long term and avoide a costly "engine overhaul."

The Doug Poll Group offers focused coaching tools, like the Leading Dimensions Profile and other related tools that can help businesses... BusinessCoaching.jpg

  • Make Better Hires
  • Keep Employees Longer
  • Improve Communication
  • Improve the Bottom Line
  • Accomplish Goals
  • Build the company's Bench Strength
  • Improve Leadership Skills

Doug Poll Group offers a free 1-hour consultation. Through that evaluation we can determine what tools best fit your needs.

Contact the Doug Poll Group for more information at terri@dougpollgroup.com
or call Terri Burnside at 941-915-1397