DPG_Clients.jpgPGT Industries- Hired to help create a Position Profile in order to aid in hiring the right people the first time. We also created an online pre-screen tool that applicants take on site at kiosks in the lobby. This has saved hundreds of hours and dollars through using the Leading Dimensions Profile as a hiring aid. 

Liberty University - They used the Leading Dimensions Profile tool to help them select the best candidate for their administrative team.

C12 Group North Carolina-Created and produced a validated Scorecard for helping C12 better hire chairpersons around the country using the Leading Dimensions Profile tools. The Scorecard helps companies profile candidates and compare them to an "ideal" match for a position.


"I had the pleasure of having Doug Poll Group do an Organizational Engagement Review (OER) for our business. One thing that came out of the OER was the need to improve communication within our office.  To facilitate that, Doug offered  the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP).  Each of our team members completed the LDP and Doug then came in and did an LDP workshop with our team.  It was not only informative and helpful but a lot of fun too. I highly recommend Doug Poll Group."
Alden Weichel-CEO, Bradenton Insurance

"Doug has the ability using tools like the LDP (Leading Dimensions Profile) to identify how employees are wired and what areas they will be best suited to succeed. Beyond the many tools DPG has at their disposal he also has an uncanny ability to facilitate growth within a leadership team by using his own natural ability to actively listen and teach."
Southwest Florida Supervisor