C12 Group

C12: Cutting-edge Christian business leadership grounded in timeless Biblical wisdom

If you are a Christian business owner or chief executive interested in growing your business, developing your teams, and seeing others blessed through your leadership and organization, joining a C12 Group may be right for you. The C12 Group is all about helping Christian leaders achieve excellence through best-practice professional development, peer sharpening, consistent accountability, and learning with the eternal perspective in mind.

C12 serves companies with five or more employees and annual revenues of at least $750K. Each C12 Group, as the name implies, is capped at twelve members. This allows for sound interpersonal dynamics and a rich mix of non-competing businesses and functional expertise among members.

C12 Groups are led by more than 70 full-time Christian business leaders serving more than 80 U.S. metro areas. Doug Poll leads two groups. A Manasota group that meets at The Meadows Country Club in Sarasota and a Venice Group.

To learn more about C12 in Southwest Florida go to c12swflorida.com. For information on C12 nationally go to c12group.com. Or, you may contact Doug Poll directly at doug.poll@c12group.com.

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